As dusk comes to fall, I see myself asleep on the floor looking upwards. The sky is sparkling with millions of colors and it amazes me that this world that I lived on is capable of making such spectacular visions. As the colors meld in my mind, I slowly fall asleep, never to be seen again.

Opening my eyes, I feel lonely. I look up and I am in exactly the same position as I was in before. The sky has darkened and now is pretty much black. I try to move but a force-like magnet is keeping me in this position. I struggle, but nothing seems to work. Will this be my death? Why am I here? How do I get up are some of the questions I ask myself.

A faint noise slowly starts to become visible to my ears. It sounds like a thumping sound but I can't quite get its exact reason of being. As I push my head to the side, I see myself walking away from me. The image is starting to blur but that thumping noise is getting louder. Static fills my mind. Everything I know is being pumped out of my being, and into the space around me. The images of my exact position are starting to scramble. Noises are becoming more powerful to me as I begin to lose my vision. Again I try to get up, but I am pushed right back down by an unknown force. This is the beginning of my end...

Totally blind now, I realize that I am being scanned. Thump, Thump, Thump, pulses of energy zoom through me, stealing everything I know. Slowly and painfully, I am becoming a piece of dust in our universe. My mind is going; I could feel it. Not knowing anything about where I am or how to speak I close my eyes and wait for the final death to come. Then, all of a sudden I am gone. Nothing more then a body on the floor. Hopeless, finished, dead...

I am dead in a sense, but my other beings still live in a higher dimension. I have been exiled from one life but no one will ever destroy my being. We live in an infinite universe and nothing will stop me from living.

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