Become A Sexually Active Adult!:

For many people sex is one of the most intimate, sacred and wonderful expressions of human contact. By the age of twelve, our bodies are ready to experience this fantastic event as they biologically change because of puberty. Females begin to menstruate and their bodies mature around the age of twelve. They develop breasts and curves in all the right places becoming more sexually attractive and pleasing. At around the age of thirteen, males get an increase in testosterone. Their voices become deeper, they develop facial hair, and they drastically increase in height. Females take notice of these changes as well and begin to acquire feelings of sexual attraction toward them. Their bodies and their emotions are driving them toward the ultimate expression of human contact: sex. Who are we to deny the way our almighty god has created us?

Sex for most people is one of the most wonderful things and our body naturally tells us that we should be having sex by the age of twelve. Children these days are growing up without the proper knowledge needed to become bright and sexually active adults and this must change. Incest and child-love should be acknowledged as something that brings on a happier lifestyle rather than be frowned upon. Why would anyone want their child to be in the back seat of a car, just about to have their first sexual experience not knowing what to do? Of course no one wants his or her child to be a victim of inexperience and that's why we have started to act. By our children becoming sexually active at a young age, they are able to gain experience and improve upon their technique - which will in turn heighten their self-esteems, make them feel more confident and better about themselves. Also, they will be able to please other people and make them feel good as well.

We have to educate our children as soon as their bodies are ready about sexual pleasure - how to give and receive it. Sex is a perfect method for teaching cooperation and sharing, two aspects of life that are constantly being emphasized in childhood education. By being able to reciprocate sexual pleasure and communicate during intercourse, good sex is achieved and important principles are learned. What better way to show a child the importance of these fundamental qualities than through the act of sex!

Sex plays an important role in our lives and it's important for our youth to be constantly sexually active as soon as they reach puberty. For starters, humans who engage in sex are said to be happier, brighter people who work harder and are less stressed. This is especially important in today's society, which is so high paced and work driven. It has even been said that, "denying the needs of the youthful human body could be as damaging as social disapproval" . Sex is a great way to release all of the stress and emotional heartaches that plague us from day to day. The heavy breathing and psychic relaxation aspect of sex can be compared to yoga meditation techniques, for example. According to one yoga specialist, "meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improve concentration, clarity and creativity" . Unlike yoga and meditation though, sex has the added bonus of increasing physical stamina and muscle strength, not to mention orgasms! There is no better feeling in the world than reaching orgasm, the way all the negative energies just disappear and all the stress is released in a gushing wave of hot liquid flowing through the body.

Humans are actually categorized as animal and animals rely on instinct. When an animal gets an urge for something, it will do everything in its power to get it. There is no fighting our instincts; it is an intrinsic power within all of us - a force that is unstoppable. The instinct that is sexual desire begins in childhood. From the moment we are born, the instinct is there. After all, masturbation begins at infancy, when babies experiment and discover their own body parts - playing and enjoying the touch and feel of their genitalia. According to sexual researcher, Alfred Kinsey, there are instances of orgasm in boys as young as five months old and girls as young as four months old. Furthermore, the action of sucking is often very important in soothing and comforting during early childhood and infancy. Later on, it plays the same role in sexual intercourse, providing a pleasurable comforting feeling. When the body becomes ready, during puberty, the instinct of sexual desire becomes prevalent, why should it be denied? Why should we wait for what society deems a suitable age? Sexual desires should be acted upon as soon as they are felt! Why hold back?

In the classical and medieval periods, it was commonplace for children upon reaching puberty to be treated as adults when it came to sexual intercourse. Greek philosophers used to engage in oral sex with their pupils and in medieval times young girls were married off to older men as soon as they reached puberty and were able to bare children. Our forefathers knew what was right, that engaging in sexual acts with children is the right thing to do. After all, those young pupils grew to be great philosophers and those young girls grew to be wonderful homemakers and extraordinary women. The sexual attention they received as children helped shape them into successful adults.

Puberty is the biological wake up call that tells us it is time. Then there are the psychological effects, the therapeutic aspects of intercourse and the plain pleasure of it all. Take a few minutes to enjoy the better aspects of life. My children are sitting in the next room waiting for me to finish writing. As you sit around worrying about all the problems in life, I'm taking action and making this place a better, happier and friendlier place to live.

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