"There are times when people see reality as a difference and not a present. Those are the people that survive the nothingness that surrounds us. I prey that I am one of them."

"I feel a wall on either side of me. The two walls seem to be a meter apart from each other. There seems to be no front or back wall but that could just be my imagination. To the right I hear the sounds of water dripping. Tap... Tap... in a constant flow. I cannot move my feet but my hands can roam around. There is no light but I am sure a black light fills this room. It has a small of death yet of life too. Every once in a while, I feel something moving around on me. It scares me not to know what is happening but I can't keep it inside me. I'm lonely here. No food, no drink. When will I be free, I can't live like this forever."

"A window appears and a little light comes through. Not enough to see anything but enough to know I am not alone. I see my hands close to me as the light gets brighter. More and more of my body is appearing. Finally I can see all around me. No I am not alone. There are millions with me. How do I wake up when no one else can. It's a night-mare but it's all over now. I see reality again."

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