The Crystal:

"Bob, come here!" Sally yelled with excitement. Bob slowly strolled towards the miniature table on which Sally was working. He would not help but to see Sallyís huge brown eyes staring into a tiny container with nothing in it.

"What happened to the crystal we found?" Bob exclaimed.

"It just disappeared, vanished out of no-where."

"How can a crystal vanish? We both know that itís impossible."

"I know but look, I have not manipulated the container since we found the crystal in the cave we were in. I know we should not have gone in the cave but still, what are two scientists supposed to do when they have evidence that something crashed into a hillside that was not from the earth?"

"I donít know what we should have done. Why not try to open the lid to the container and pour it upside down. Maybe something will fall out." The two scientists tipped the jar upside down and an amazing thing happened. Nothing, absolutely nothing fell out of it.

"Sally", Bob uttered. "I think that we should go to the caves again to see if anything unusual happened there."

"I agree, but shouldnít we talk to someone about this before we go out again? Just in case something happens to us?"

"Ya, I guess we should, but there is no one we can trust." While thinking of someone to call, Bob picked up the phone and listened. "Sally! Itís dead. There is no dial tone, I think something is playing around with us."

"Thatís it. I am going to our neighborsí house to ask them if anything unusual is happening there."

"Wait! Iím coming." Both of them put on their coats and stepped up to the door. Bob took the handle and started to turn it slowly. Pulled a little, and"

Everything was gone, blank, dead! It seemed it was no the crystal that disappeared but they did. Now they are gone forever.

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