The Quantum Zone:

Saurenea is sitting in her bed thinking about nothing much. The radio is playing and the music is quieting her down from the long day at school. Saurenea lies down and closes her eye’s starting to get in tune with the music. The yellowish, reddish, blackish lights start to flow around in her eyes, and the voyage starts.

She zooms though a tunnel at a blazing speed. Two tunnels approach, what one will she take? Too late, she goes through the right one. Now the left! The image is fading out and she sees it warp into a sparkling wall of colors. She is circling slowly around it, as it she was in a zero gravity environment. The view is extraordinary but like all great views, it stopped. The picture falls like a spool of blood on a piece of glass. The yellowish, reddish, blackish light starts to appear again from the blackness. Saurenea is in reality again.

The dream only seemed to last a few seconds but ten minutes had passed. She thinks to herself how could all that time have elapsed? But she did not really care because her mind was cleansed.

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