The sound of the water flushes through my hearing as I look up at the sky on this cold day. I walk alone in a straight line as though intimidated by the silence of nothingness. A stream of times to come. My mind is wobbling back and forth in pain as bolts fly into my skin, stinging with the nothingness. The mind. The killer. The mind killer.

I wake up in silence. Scared as gaia. As it looks into my mind, I notice nothing, but sence a presence. Where? Why me? How does one choose the master. How does one choose god, and what am I? Thoughts, machines, nothingness. Yet I do not notice that I am special in all ways. i am myself, and that is the only thing no one can take away from myself. As much as the sark side tries, it can never get to my presence.

It's trying to control my mind. Control me. I have to fight back but it is hard. Only a master can do it. I am a master. We all are masters. How do I fight what I cannot see? It seems impossible. Love.. Love.. Love.. I heard in stories. You think love and the world will get better? Wrong. I try, nothing happens. It's getting stronger every second. Nothing I do will stop it. It's eating me alive and I am not dying.

As I slowely come to my knees, I see a sighting. but I am not there. Do some die to free the sector, the mind, the...

There it is a vission of myself. Not in this world. How is this possible. New dimentions. Everyone walking as a group. As one. As that vision blurs out I scream over and over again. I see it! The vision of life.

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